Baserom[edit | edit source]

A baserom is the rom that is used as a base of this project, it store all the levels made by users.

The link to the current baserom (0.1) :

This isn't the final version, some levels in the baserom may be changed if the author update their levels. The overworld is a placeholder to access all the levels, of course a custom overworld will be made at the end. You can exits the level with start+select.

The baserom will be updated from time to time. It will not be updated every times a level is completed.

Links[edit | edit source]

Current baserom v0.1 (game only) :

v0.1 with all the resources :

The second link is here in case I quit and someone want to continue the baserom so all the external resources and the tools to insert them are inside (currently the only external resources used are custom musics)

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