We've moved to IRChighway because Rizon fucking sucks. Name of the game is the same; make a level that isn't claimed, upload it, get other nerds to do the same until the game is complete.

To do:

  • Find a space for those highly difficult Mario levels (that last last level might work)

Welcome to the Vmakeashityromhack WikiEdit

/v/ tries to make a SMW romhack.

Current baserom: v0.1

IRC: irc://

For plebs without an IRC client:

Steam Group:

Thread copypasta:

Lunar Magic download:

snes9x emulator within LM:

Extract this file to your LM directory.  Inside LM, press Ctrl+F4 to test your level at any time.

Use something like Joy2Key if you want to use a controller

Before startingEdit

Go to the level list, pick a empty level :

Level list

Then create a page for your level to put what you want about your progress (screen, progress, informations) and the download link.

For other limited resources, if you use them go on their page and edit them :

Latest activityEdit